August 17, 2015 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
in the tent
For kids: "Phun with Physics (Translation- Really Weird Science)" @ in the tent

Wayne “Skip” Bird, Outreach Director, Westminster Astronomical Society, Inc.
Thought you knew everything? You’re right you do. Now come and find out ways to use and abuse that info. Join us for really strange examples of Physics gone wrong. We’ll shrink wrap a couple of volunteers just before we mummify them. Find out how the Flaming Wheel of Death works. Explore why your brain is trying to trick you ALL the time or “What you see is not what is there”, when a wall of squares turns into a frog or was that a horse, no it was a horse frog, no, no it was 2 frogs, or was it 2 horses, AAAHHHHHHH. Broke my brain again. “Then all the kids brains were changed and they ascended to a higher plane of being” (I wonder how long it will be before the parents notice) and more. I told you this was WEIRD SCIENCE.