September 2, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Main Yurt & Tent
Friday Night: "The Amateur Astronomer Looks at 60:  50 Years of Fads and Fancies of Amateur Telescopes" @ Main Yurt & Tent | Circleville | West Virginia | United States

The Amateur Astronomer Looks at 60:  50 Years of Fads and Fancies of Amateur Telescopes


Rod’s talk this year is a must not just for gear-heads, but for those interested in the history of amateur astronomy since the 1960s. In this presentation, Rod tells that story by looking at the changing landscape of the (commercial) amateur telescope.”

“Uncle” Rod Mollise, a Contributing Editor at Sky and Telescope magazine, is familiar to amateur astronomers as the author of numerous books and magazine articles on every aspect of astronomy, amateur and professional. He is most well known, however, for his books on Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes, SCTs, especially his last one, Choosing and Using a New CAT (Springer), which has become the standard reference for these instruments.
Rod’s previous book, The Urban Astronomer’s Guide is also popular. That’s no surprise, since it is designed to help the majority of amateurs who must observe from light polluted urban and suburban sites actually see deep sky wonders.
In addition to his books, Rod’s work can be found in magazines including Sky and Telescope, Sky and Telescope’s SKYWATCH, Astronomy Technology Today and others. He is no stranger to Internet astronomy, either. Look for him on numerous online forums and on his popular blog, Uncle Rod’s Astro Blog. He is also one of the editors of the acclaimed double star magazine, The Journal of Double Star Observations.
When not practicing astronomy or teaching it to undergraduates at the University of South Alabama, Rod chills out in his new suburban home, which he moved into last year after twenty years downtown and which allows him to finally get out and profitably observe the sky from his very own backyard.