What’s new 

Telescope Walkabout. Bob Bunge will lead a tour highlighting diverse and unique telescopes at AHSP. Look under Participatory Activities on the Events page for how to show you scope or join the group on Saturday.

New Rideshare exchange (see below)

You will find information updated from last year in topical narratives
Planning your trip, getting to TMI and things to do on the way
What to expect, a step-by-step description of what happens at AHSP
General AHSP planning notes, tips for camping and observing
observing lists provided by John MacDonnell, & solar system observing, what is easily accessible

Details on events, including descriptions and speakers’ bios are populated.

Safety plan has been updated. We do this, because we are concerned about health and about fire potential in our isolated location. Happily, this year has been wet in the mountains, and we are not faced with tinder dry surroundings. The hospital in Harrisburg, VA has moved, and directions have changed. Additional information provided on local walk-in care centers. A summary will be in your info packet.

Raffle. The grand prize(s) will be stabilized Cannon binocs and Kestrel weather stations.


AHSP is sold out.
All speaking slots are filled.
TMI meals and events requiring preregistration are full or advance registration is closed. I can add people to the Durbin RR outing but you need to contact me directly. AHSP clothing will be available on-site.


We’ve received at least two requests for carpooling to and from AHSP.

Andrea & Dan Hamre are looking for a ride for themselves and their camping gear. They are in Alexandria/Potomac Yard. They are flexible about departure and return times. Contact Andrea at ahamre@gmail.com if you can share a ride.

One of our speakers, Genevieve de Messieres, also inquired about ridesharing from close-in to the District. Contact her atDeMessieresG@si.edu. Don’t have many details from her yet.

It sounds like a good idea, even if it will be difficult to find compatible pairings. If you are willing to either drive or ride, submit both.  We will post your information on a “Ridesharing” web page to let others know.  Send the following information to me at agoldber3@yahoo.com , and check the site to see if anything looks like a match for you:

Ride request

Who is travelling: (self & who else)
Travelling with: (e.g., luggage/camping &cooking gear/telescope gear)
Range for departure: (specific day/times or flexible)
Range for return: (specific day/times or flexible)
Notes & special:
Ride offer

Departing from:
Space available:
Departing: (specific day/times or flexible)
Returning: (specific day/times or flexible)
Notes & special:


Kid’s events

 Several activities are specifically appropriate for kids and families. I’ll try to list the main ones here:

  • Skip Bird’s presentation “Phun Physics”, in the tent, after lunch on Monday
  • Genevieve de Messieres “Alien Worlds” demonstration on Sunday morning, details to be announced.
  • Carrie and Michael Kline’s program on West Virginia music and folklore, 4:00 p.m. Friday.
  • Durbin Rocket railroad outing, 10:00 a.m. Sunday at Durbin Station
  • Geology, birding, or summit hike outings on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Model rocket launch, organized by Arlen Raasch, to take place when weather conditions permit.
  • Astronomy Jeopardy, organized by Cathy Bunge, as a cloudy evening event after the evening speaker

Vendors and other sponsors

 Our friend, Gary Hand and Hands On Optics is again this year a supporter of AHSP, and will be present at the event, represented by Skip Bird. If you order anything from them before AHSP, you can have it delivered direct to you at TMI.

We have received donations from the following for the raffle:

Televue; Starlight Instruments; Software Bisque; Sky & Telescope; Simulation Curriculum; OPT; NOVAC; J Quilts and Totes; Explore Scientific; Celestron; and Astronomy Magazine. There will be some GOOD stuff raffled off!


We’ve had two successful telecons this year. We will have the next on Tuesday, August 4, at 7:30 p.m. The dial-in number is 703 983 2020, and the conference ID is 4277805.

We will also likely have one more “Note” to registrants, about a week before AHSP starts.

Getting places

If you want to find various destinations and routes you need for AHSP, here are the correct addresses that work with Google Maps:

The Mountain Institute, 18 Woodlands Way, Circleville, WV 26804

National Radio Astronomy Observatory, WV 28, Green Bank, WV 24944

Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad, 3 Main Street, Durbin, WV 26264

Print out your directions before you leave, because you cannot connect to the internet from mobile devices in the area of TMI-Durbin-NRAO. Also, systems that provide navigation using cell towers will not work. Only true GPS-based navigation systems (e.g., Garmin) will work.


Committee recognition

 These are the people who are making AHSP 2105 happen, whether in the planning, the logistics, the execution, or the cleanup. We also have great support from the TMI front office and on-site staff, and from our speakers.

Most of these people will be on site at TMI.  You can go to them with any questions or problems that come up during the event.

Donna Blosser
Marty Bordelon
Terry Cabell
Joanna Charlton
Elizabeth Erikson
Alan Goldberg
Richard Grauel
Chris Lee
Cathryn Marsh
Alice McDonnell
John McDonnell
Rob McKinney
Euro Micelli
Zack Panitzke
Arlen Raasch
Patricia Rostkowski
Kathryn Scott


As always, if you have questions about AHSP send them to us at info@ahsp.org

For the organizing committee,

n  Alan