Organizer: Arlen Raasch

AHSP is bringing back its photo contest this year

Here are the basic rules for 2011:

1) Photos will be accepted in one of the four following catagories:

  • Solar system photos
  • Deep space photos
  • AHSP event photos (including AHSP sponsored activities, e.g. Cass Scenic Railroad, NRAO Tour, geology hike, etc.)
  • Youth photos (photos taken by a person 12 years old or younger)

2) Photos must be submitted in jpg format and will be accepted on thumb drives or compact discs.

3) Photos must be taken during the 2011 AHSP event.

4) Photos are to be taken at The Mountain Institute or one of the AHSP sponsored activity locations.

5) Each person submitting photo contest entries must be a 2011 AHSP registrant, and may submit up to a total of ten photos to be judged.

6) All rights to the photos will be retained by the person creating the photo. Each person may elect to allow their photos to be used to promote future AHSP events.

7) The prizes which will be awarded to the photographers will be announced at AHSP.

8) The deadline for photo entries is 8:30 am on Sunday, August 28, 2011.

9) The prizes will be awarded on Sunday, August 28, during the raffle for AHSP door prizes.

Additional details on where and when to submit photo entries will be posted at AHSP.