Comet ISON, The Great comet is coming!!!!! Or not…

/Comet ISON, The Great comet is coming!!!!! Or not…

Comet ISON, The Great comet is coming!!!!! Or not…

September 8, 2013 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Main Yurt
Skip Bird
Comet ISON, The Great comet is coming!!!!! Or not… @ Main Yurt

Skip Bird, Observatory Director, Westminster Astronomical Society

Sunday, September 8, 2013, 1:30 pm in the Yurt

Comet ISON, The Great comet is coming!!!!! Or not…

Are you gearing up for the comet ISON? Need help to buy all the equipment needed to view, photograph and immortalize its visit. Well this talk will not be about the equipment, photographing it, or immortalizing it (if you do not count the wide eyed wonder that the kids will be showing), but it will be about how to present it to the public (without getting them disappointed, if it fizzles), how to make a comet (always fun even when it doesn’t work) and how to have fun with all the questions and the misinformation that is sure to track you down like a bounty hunter and hound you until you answer.

To sum up; comets are like cats. They all have tails and do as they D**** well please!


Wayne “Skip” Bird is presently the Treasurer/Observatory Director/Night Sky Network Guru for the Westminster Astronomical Society, and outreach fanatic (definition of fanatic: someone who will not change his mind AND will not change the subject). He is also a 5th grade “Mad” Science teacher. He is the world renowned author of “Night Flying Astronomy Bird” articles (OK, maybe world renowned is being a little modest), and the World’s Greatest Dad — he has the button to prove it, but enough from his autobiography.

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