Sunday Afternoon: “Life and Times in Gay PARI”

/Sunday Afternoon: “Life and Times in Gay PARI”

Sunday Afternoon: “Life and Times in Gay PARI”

September 4, 2016 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Skip Bird, Westminster Astronomical Society & PARI

Sunday, July 23 , 2017, 2:30 pm in the Yurt

Life and Times in Gay PARI (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute) 


Official Title-Explore the past, visit the future. With a rich heritage rooted in the nation’s space program, PARI was established in 1998 to become a recognized center for world-class research while providing STEM educational opportunities for all levels of students: K-12, undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral. PARI’s mission is to promote science and excite the imagination, to become a place where researchers can try unconventional ideas, where pure research combines with practical application, and where people can begin their education and be inspired to continue.

Actual title-Join Skip Bird, the newest Astronomy Educator, and find out what really goes on at a former NASA tracking station, an NSA spy facility, and now the only Radio Interferometer Telescopes to ever be in the path of solar eclipse totality. Journey through time and space and find out where the Aliens are stashed (and you thought it was Area 51). Explore a dark sky site that may even surpass AHSP! Boldly Go where no one has gone before; OK, maybe a few of you have gone before; OK, OK so 5,000 people a year have gone there before so whats your excuse?


Wayne “Skip” Bird is a NASA Heliophysics Ambassador, and presently the Outreach Director/Night Sky Network Guru for the Westminster Astronomical Society, an outreach fanatic (definition of fanatic: someone who will not change his mind AND will not change the subject). He is also an Astronomy Educator for the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) in NC (When the transporter is working). He is the world-renowned author of “Night Flying Astronomy Bird” articles (OK, maybe world-renowned is being a little modest), and the World’s Greatest Dad — he has the button to prove it, but enough about me

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