AHSP friends –


The week of AHSP has arrived without having covered all the hints we had in mind, as structured last year, in these newsletters. To keep this email from being too long, I will simply refer you to the Web site, which will soon contain two new topics: What to expect from start to finish; and Planning your trip and driving hints. Click on the links. Hope they reach you in time to take full advantage of them.


Some updates:


We’ve reached the registration limit we set for this year. If you have any concerns about your registration, send an email to info@ahsp.org. The NRAO and Cass railroad events are likewise full. A few openings are available for the outings around TMI. If interested, send your request to the same info@ahsp.org.


We are very concerned about safety at AHSP. We’ve posted the emergency plan on the Web site, which you are invited to read and print for reference. The two greatest concerns: fire in dry mountain conditions, and any injury or health problem requiring quick response. The most important point to remember is that we are on our own on the mountain, and early intervention is critical. For any emergency or sickness, notify one of the committee volunteers immediately so that we can bring all appropriate effort to bear. First aid kits are marked on the field layout charts, and each can be located by a red flasher.


I may have misrepresented the water situation on the observing field. We will have some water jugs to provide limited drinking water. For cooking, washing, or other bulk needs, you should plan to get water from the piped supplies around the yurts and the wash-house.


Our speakers schedule is now firm. I want to call your attention to the talk by Dr. Dan Werthimer, the chief scientist, about SETI@home on Friday at 6:30. This year, we plan to have an HD  video feed from the main yurt to the outdoor tent – relocated this year to the small level “meadow” beyond the deck.


Ian Carmack’s  birding walk will take place both Saturday & Sunday, weather permitting. We are still not sure whether Lyle Mars’ geology hike will be Saturday or Sunday, but we are confident it will take place.


Now I’m off to finish my talk (on the evolution of observer star catalogs and how Hubble Space Telescope influenced their digitization, Monday, 6:30). The long-range weather forecast is looking good. See you next weekend.


For the AHSP volunteer committee,