Camp sites

Please consult the site map to see where the various sites are located. Updated for 2017

Spruce Knob is a rolling landscape, so we have designed the camping around the flattest areas:

The Yellow Observing Field is reserved for those who wish to park at their campsite. The slots in the field for this lot are measured off in 15’x30′ grids.  This is enough space for a good size tent, a car and your astronomical gear for observing.

The Red Observing Field sites are accessible by car, but we will ask you to drop your gear and move your car to the long-term parking for the duration of the event. This field has stunning southern horizons, so we encourage you to consider this option if you don’t need to have your car nearby.

The Green Observing Field is intended for RVs and other large vehicles greater than 14′.

Please be advised there are no electrical hookups at any site.

Meal service

The SKMC will supply full meal service for AHSP participants who preregister for meals at a cost of only $35 a day ($25 a day for children 12 and under). Meals are extremely popular with the participants and accommodate a wide variety of diets. Check out the tentative  menu for this year. 

Drinking water

Plenty of mountain well drinking water is available at the shower building, at the Main Yurt, and (best for most) at a pipe along the road between the Red and Yellow observing fields.

Bathrooms & showers

Male and female bathrooms and shower rooms are located behind the yurts and are open 24 hours a day. AHSP participants should bring towels, toiletries, and shower shoes.

There are also portable toilets available in multiple locations on the camping field.

A composting toilet (“No ‘P’ in the ‘ooper’, please!”) has been built behind the Main Yurt. Novel use of colored bottle glass windows and solar night light.

Internet and Telephone Access

We will again have WiFi access in the Yurt area, the same as in previous years. Besides internet access available at the Main Yurt it is also available at the Earth Shelter office structure near the entrance of SKMC. This facility is a lengthy-but-pleasant walk of nearly a mile from the camping areas.

SKMC is in a remote area, and they’re also in the National Radio Quiet Zone surrounding NRAO-Green Bank. You should not expect your cell phone to work. Other cell-based technologies like OnStar and cell-based navigation will also likely fail. GPS and other satellite-based services are not affected and should operate normally. Land-line telephone service is available in the main yurt, however, and calls to any destination in the United States are complimentary.

FRS radios are encouraged for remaining in contact with your camping group, and for emergency notifications to the staff. FRS does not interfere with radio astronomy observations. Channel 1 will be used for AHSP announcements; please use others for your camping group communications, if any.

Revised February 24, 2017