Updated 4 June 2017

Here are the observing lists for 2017 AHSP!

The files that I have created are available as Astroplanner files, Excel files and PDF files where I have organized the data in a few different ways. The different ways are as an observing list, observing forms and finder charts.

The files are organized first by telescope size, then by time, 10 PM on 9/3/16 or 3 AM on 9/4/16, then by constellation.

Below are observing lists for nine telescopes, a 25″ F5, a 22″ F5, a 20″ F5, a 18″ F5, a 16″ F5, a 12″ LX200 8″ LX200, an 8″ F6, an ES152, a pair of 8 x 50 Binoculars, and a Naked Eye list.

Within each folder the files may be downloaded individually or as the entire folder. Within each folder the files are as follows.

1. A list of the NGC objects in that particular Constellation. These files were created using Astroplanner version 2.1

2. The same information as in # 1 in Microsoft Excel format.

3. A pdf of the same information in # 1 as an observing list.

4. A pdf of the same information in # 1 as observing forms, one form per object.

5. A pdf of the same information in # 1 plus finder charts for each object.

The observing list files are stored externally on Google Drive. If your corporate or government ISP blocks Google Drive, you will see an error message when you click on the icon. Solution is to download using your personal ISP to connect to the Internet.

25″ F5

22″ F5

20″ F5

18″ F5

16″ F5

8″ F6

12″ LX200 F10 list
8″ LX200 F10 list
ES 152

Binocular / New User Lists


Naked EyeNaked Eye