We will not be able to have an NRAO Tour or overnight in 2017 due to a schedule conflict at NRAO. Public tours may be available.

Enjoy a tour of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s facilities at Green Bank, West Virginia. This will be a “behind-the-scenes” tour, so you’ll get to visit labs, engineering facilities, and the telescope control room — locations that are normally off-limits to the public!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cameras are welcome at NRAO, however their use is restricted. In order to prevent radio-frequency interference to observations in progress, the observatory prohibits the use of digital cameras (and electronics-laden film cameras) in some locations close to the telescopes. Bring a simple film camera if you’d like to take pictures up close to the instruments.

Radiotelescope Observing

NOVAC has arranged for access to NRAO’s 40-foot educational dish. Participants will leave for Green Bank either with the tour earlier in the day or later in the afternoon. Observations begin in the late evening and continue as long as you’re willing to stay awake. Overnight accommodations are provided in dorm-style facilities at NRAO. No prior radioastronomy experience is required; NRAO will provide instruction and support. Space is very limited!

Pictures from a prior year’s tour



















Revised 22 February 2017