AHSP has received the following items for its 2015 raffle, to take place at 4:30 on Sunday. Everyone will receive some raffle tickets with their registration, and more can be purchased when you stop at the registration tent or from committee volunteers before the raffle itself.

All proceeds go to benefit The Mountain Institute and its programs.

There are 3 types of color-coded tickets:

Yellow tickets are issued to youth attendees, and can be used for the items reserved for them, or for the general items.

Blue tickets can be used for the grand prize, or for general items.

Red tickets can be used only for general items (that is, NOT for youth items or the grand prize.)

Only red and yellow tickets can be bought. Blue tickets are limited to what you receive with your registration.

Some adjustments may be made in prizes and tickets as final donations are received. Check on-site for the final prizes.


Grand prize

(blue only)

NOVAC Canon image stabilized binoculars 1100

Kids-only prizes

(yellow or blue)

Astronomy Magizine 1 year subscription 42.95
NOVAC small planisphere 11.95
NOVAC Binocular Highlights 24.95
NOVAC Orion Binocular Kit 61
NOVAC Polaris Monocular 69.95
Rob McKinney Orion 8” Planisphere 13.77
Sky & Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas 19.95

General items

(yellow, blue, or red)

Celestron Next Image 5 179.95
Explore Scientific 100 degree 20 mm eyepiece 329.99
J Quilts and Totes space-themed blanket 100
NOVAC Large Planisphere 17.95
NOVAC Pocket Sky Atlas 19.95
NOVAC Free NOVAC Membership 35
NOVAC Free NOVAC Membership 35
NOVAC Polaris Monocular 69.95
NOVAC AHSP next year 80
NOVAC AHSP next year 80
NOVAC Kestrel wind meter 3500 NV 199
NOVAC Kestrel wind meter 3500 NV 199
OPT Vixen 7×50 Binoculars 79.95
Rob McKinney Capturing the Stars astrophotography book 54.46
Simulation Curriculum Starry Night Enthusiast 79.95
Sky & Telescope Binocular Highlights 24.95
Software Bisque $99 coupon for The Sky X Professional 99
Starlight Instuments $100 gift certificate 100
Televue 32mm Plössl eyepiece 145