Things you should know for your trip to AHSP

Revised 2017 May 28

This page provides some details about the routes and roads to SKMC for all types of vehicles, and last minute food, gas, and camp supplies on the way. For starters, we will provide some general guidance. This corresponds to what you will see on Google maps or other route planners. We also have prepared written directions and Google Maps.

Coming from:                                      Head toward:
 E of SKMC (MD, northern VA through NE (mid-PA)   Strasburg, VA
 N (Pittsburg) through W (Louisville)             Elkins, WV
 SW (Knoxville) through S (Charlotte, NC)         Blacksburg, VA then via US219
 SE                                               Harrisonburg, VA

You should print out the directions you need before you leave home. If your navigation system relies on true GPS, it should work all the way. If it relies on triangulation from cell towers, then it will not work in the National Radio Quiet Zone around  Green Bank, which includes SKMC. Your cellphone will likely not work, either.

The AHSP Web site provides suggestions for things to do nearby, and which you might want to include in your travel plans. First and foremost, we are in the Monongahela National Forest and Spruce Knob National Recreation Area of the Shenandoah Mountains, with all the associated outdoor activities: hiking, fishing, rafting, canoeing (at nearby Gatewood), climbing (for the adventurous, at Seneca Rocks), and history (Civil War and other).  The Recreation Area Visitor Center is at the town of Seneca Rocks, at the intersection of US33, WV28, and WV55.  Spruce Knob itself offers a dramatic view from an observation tower on the highest peak in WV.

I can’t offer specific advice about shopping for crafts and antiques. I think you will find the former in Elkins. I have little information about antiquing, but I’ve noticed the following locations along the I-81 corridor in VA:

  • Strasburg, VA
  • Verona, VA
  • Harrisonburg, VA

Need more old railroads?  Durbin & Greenbrier Valley RR has other trains that depart from Elkins. The Cass railroad leaves from the town of Cass, a bit south of Green Bank. Tours are offered of the engine restoration shops — very interesting for train buffs.

Public caverns have reopened, as visits have been found to not contribute to bat disease — white nose syndrome. Also,  private limestone caverns nearby are operating. Smoke Hole Caverns has received a thumbs-up from Dave Reese:  “I highly recommend visiting Smoke Hole Caverns, which is located on Rt. 28 (north of TMI) on the way to or from TMI.  It is in the Seneca Rocks area and has a Seneca Rocks address.”  See Seneca Caverns are on Germany Valley Rd. (off WV33) in Riverton It has received high marks on review sites.

There are resorts and golfing along the way, ranging from rustic (near Seneca Rocks) to luxury (Canaan Valley, with golf). A good list can be found here.

And something often forgotten: SKMC and vicinity are great places to do nothing or almost nothing during the day: sit in the shade, take a nap, read a book, play some cards or checkers — relax and enjoy the mountains, the quiet, and the clean air.

Last minute on the way. There are no resources conveniently close to SKMC. They are all “down the road a piece,” well off the mountain.

For most folks, the last restaurant on the way is Gateway Restaurant in Riverton, WV on US33/WV28 at Briery Gap Rd., north of the SKMC turnoff. Further north along that road in Seneca Rocks you will find the Front Porch Restaurant, which I also like.

Last chance for gas coming in from the east (through Seneca Rocks or Franklin) is a place in Circleville, which is also a convenience store with ice and snacks.

Harper’s Country Store (downstairs from the Front Porch) in Seneca Rocks is a fairly well stocked camp store.

Overall, you would do best to plan to get what you need on the way in or before Elkins, Franklin, or Petersburg, WV. Moorefield now has a 24h Walmart SuperCenter. After you exit the divided highway in Moorefield, turn right where you would normally continue to the left.

If you expect you might need a last-minute place to stay before arriving at AHSP, the closest towns along the route with a range of accommodations are Strasburg and Harrisonburg, VA, and Elkins, WV. If you are camping and think you might arrive before Friday, you will need to use a local campground. The closest is the Spruce Knob Lake Campground, a few miles north of SKMC, is available for those who plan to arrive early.   There are others in the area, but this is closest and very pleasant. Remember that this is high season for tourism in the area, so reserve early.


Detailed information on driving and routes

Latest report from the mountain is that the public road to SKMC is in good gravelled condition. Be careful of oncoming traffic, potential slipping on gravel, and sharp turns. But don’t be unduly afraid about mountain driving: school buses can navigate the road from the blacktop to SKMC, and so can you.

Scott Paisley took his 34′ Travel Trailer and “it all worked out just fine.”

Detailed directions are here on the AHSP Web site.

Dave Reese reports: There is a gas station with convenience store past Circleville as you go south on Rt. 28, coming from Seneca Rocks or Franklin.  This is the last gas station/convenience store that you have before turning onto Sawmill Run Road after Cherry Grove.  This is where I always stop to tank up with gas and goodies before heading up the mountain.  They also have ice, as I recall.  This is the closest gas station to SKMC.

Eric Vondra also reported: The absolute last store is around Cherry Grove and it’s called [D&K Dairy Bar]. I haven’t been in it, so I’m not sure what-all they have.

From the Northeast  and East

Preferred route:

Here are the “northern route” detailed directions, from the north and east on I-66 or I-81, courtesy of Eric Vondra:

– West on I-66 to I-81 south
– I-81 south; take the second exit to Rte.55/48 west toward WV (about 3 miles on I-81).
– Take 55/48 across the WV line, through the town of Wardensville (speed trap!), and at the other end of town it becomes the Corridor H superhighway (still 55/48). Take that to the Moorefield exit. Note: several years back, this was the end of the highway!
– There is a long exit ramp at Moorefield ending at a T controlled by a light. Turn left and just stay on Rte. 28 through Moorefield and Petersburg (you’ll have to make a right turn in “downtown” Petersburg, then go up the hill past a Dairy Queen and on out of town).
– Continue on 28 through Seneca Rocks.
– When you get to Judy Gap (you’re getting fairly close when you see the “SKSRT” building), make a right on 28 (it’s 28/33 until then, where the route numbers  split).
– You’ll go about 8.5 miles through Circleville, then Cherry Grove, then around Hunting Ground Mt. (no sign for it, but it’s a mountain) in a right curve and then you’ll see Sawmill Run Rd. on the right, just before a sweeping left bend. Turn off there on Sawmill Run. Rd. There are brown signs for SKMC and Spruce Knob Lake. Be very careful — the road has few guardrails and takes some wicked hairpin right turns. There are some signs at a couple of key intersections.
– After about 5.5 miles on Sawmill Run Rd. there is a big red mailbox on the right at the SKMC gate, and also an SKMC sign. When you enter, continue straight up the hill (don’t go down to the right). It’s a little less than a mile to the observing fields. Take this road slowly, especially if your car has low clearance.
– If you arrive aftrer dark on a clear night, the inner gate will be closed to prohibit vehicle traffic. You will need to camp temporarily at the enterance.

Notes on the route:

Wardensville, and possibly some other towns on this route, have been old-fashioned southern speed traps. “Let’s be careful out there.” You might also consider spending your tourist dollars in more enlightened locations.

Eric suggests that the cheapest gas will be found at the Sunoco station on the right a little past Lebanon Church, still in VA. Gas is more expensive in WV.

Moorefield and Petersburg, WV are the last full-service towns on this route for food, gas, and supplies on this route.

Google freqauently shows aroute that stays on the Corridor H highway beyond Moorefield, and rejoins beyond Petersburg. This is because it may be one or two minutes quicker, although miles longer. 

From the North and West

After you pass Elkins, WV (your last full-service town on this route), Google directs you to turn south from US33 at Job, WV onto County Rte. 29. This is about 20 mi. shorter, and a predicted 2 min. faster, than the route via Seneca Rocks, but much of it is on gravel roads. If you are fine with that driving and have a good map, it can be a pleasant dive through the Shenandoah via Whitmer and Spruce Knob Lake. If not, take the longer route through Seneca Rocks.

Other resources on the way, close to AHSP

  • Gateway Restaurant, Riverton, WV (on US33/WV28 n. of SKMC turnoff) at Briery Gap Rd.

Homestyle restaurant. Recommended.
Hours:  Mon – Thu 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Fri & Sat 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sun 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Phone (304) 567-2810

  • Front Porch Restaurant, Seneca Rocks, upstairs from the general store

Also recommended. Outdoor dining porch overlooks the climbers on Seneca Rocks. Over Harper’s Old Country Store at the junction in Seneca Rocks.
Hours: Sat 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.• Sun – Friday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Phone (304) 567-2555.

Other resources, unreviewed:

  • Yokum’s in Seneca Rocks has minimal gas, food, general store
  • Yokum’s Restaurant at the motel.
  • Asbury’s Family Restaurant, Germany Valley Rd. (off 33) in Riverton, at Seneca Caverns. Hours 11am – 6pm (Sun-Mon, Wed-Fri) 11am – 7pm (Sat)
  • Valley View Restaurant  – between Seneca Rocks and Riverton – home cooking; very plain exterior    opens 6 a.m. (M-F), 7 a.m. (Sa-Su); closes 8 p.m. (Su-Tu) 2 p.m. (W) 9 p.m. (F-Sa)
  • D&K Dairy Bar  8291 Snowy Mountain Rd.  (304) 567-3113, just off Rte. 28 at Cherry Grove –  They have snacks, ice, maybe other items.   This is just about 1 1/2 mi. north of the SKMC turnoff, and probably the closest supplies to SKMC .