Updated August 14 2019

A few items as you prepare for observing adventures at AHSP this year. Please read through, as these may help you with your enjoyment of the sky this weekend. Print out what you might want at your telescope.

Describes the Planets, Moon and Sun rise and set times

For reference on Saturday night-Sunday morning, darkness times (EDT) are as follows:

Orientation charts for the night sky at AHSP can be created at https://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/.

You will find the file for the Binocular Challenge here. The targets were edited by Dan Ward from the a list originally prepared for Stellafane 2018 by Phil Harrington. If you might be interested in trying the challenge itself, or just looking for suggestions for interesting targets for this weekend, you should print out the attached finder charts. On completion you can fill out the submission form here or if paper is your thing it can be dropped off with Alan Goldberg or Dan Ward before any 6:30 PM Yurt talk, or after AHSP they can be emailed per the instructions on the page 2 of the challenge documents. Those who complete will get a certificate after AHSP and possibly more… 🙂

The observing workshop is being held in conjunction with the challenge. During the daytime portion (Saturday 1:00 in the main yurt) some experienced observers will go over the equipment and techniques for finding relatively easy binocular and small, wide field telescopes. In the evening, we’ll help you actually find some of these objects. You should bring your star atlas and binoculars, the binocular challenge finder charts, as well as the extra charts found here, to the day session.