AHSP features several observing field locations. See the PDF site map for an overview.

Yellow Observing Field

This field is reserved for AHSP attendees who would like to keep their vehicle adjacent to their campsite and equipment. Small trailers are OK on the Yellow Observing Field, but larger vehicles must be located in the Green Observing Field (see below).

Green Observing Field

The Green Observing Field is intended for larger vehicles (principally campers and RVs longer than 14 feet). Please be advised that there are no electrical/water/sewer hookups at this site.

Red Observing Field

The Red Observing Field is accessible by car, but we will ask you to drop your gear and move your car to a nearby long-term parking for the duration of the event. In return for this minor inconvenience, you'll enjoy great southern horizons and a breathtaking view in the daytime.

My choice of observing field location is:

Note: Not all observing field locations may be available for selection. If a location isn't listed, it means that the location is full or that it's incompatible with your vehicle.