Updated August 3

This is the place to ask for and to offer rides to and from AHSP this year.

We’ve received at least three requests for carpooling to and from AHSP. Some have already been resolved successfully.

It sounds like a good idea, even if it may be difficult to find compatible pairings for timing, origin, and vehicle capacity.

Submitting your request

Send the following information for a ride request or offer to <agoldber3@yahoo.com>. If you are willing to either drive or ride, submit both. We will post your information on this web page to let others know.

Check the site frequently to see if anything looks like a match for you.

Ride request Ride offer
Who is travelling: (self & who else)
Travelling with: (e.g., luggage/camping &cooking gear/telescope gear)
Range for departure: (specific day/times or flexible)
Range for return: (specific day/times or flexible)
Notes & special:
Departing from:
Space available:
Departing: (specific day/times or flexible)
Returning: (specific day/times or flexible)
Notes & special:

When you make rideshare arrangements, let us know at the same email address so we can remove your listings.

Current Listings

Ride request
Name: Sabrina Stierwalt (speaker)
Email: sabrinas@virginia.edu
Location: Charlottesville
Who is travelling: 1
Travelling with: light luggage
Range for departure: n/a
Range for return: Monday, to arrive in Charlottesville/UVA area by 4:00
Notes & special: needs return ride only on Monday, after giving her talk Sunday evening

Ride request

Name: Andrea & Dan Hamre
Email: ahamre@gmail.com
Location: Alexandria/Potomac Yard
Who is travelling: 2
Travelling with: light camping gear
Range for departure: flexible
Range for return: flexible
Notes & special:


Ride request
Name: Rod Mollise
Email: c/o Kathryn Scott doubleclickgo@mac.com
Location: Dulles Airport
Who is travelling: 1
Travelling with: small luggage
Range for departure: n/a
Range for return: Sunday afternoon
Notes & special: Needs to be at Dulles by 5 P.M. for flight. Needs ride from AHSP only.

Last updated 2015 July 27