AHSP 2017 ‘Swap Table’ Items for Sale and Wanted

Revised 2017 July 19 11 a.m.

The individuals listed below intend to offer astronomy-related items for sale at AHSP 2017. Most should be at the Swap Table scheduled for Friday 4:00-5:30 on the Yurt Deck. If you don’t find each other at that time, you can email the listed seller or buyer and get together later in the weekend.

Participants can buy & sell at the Swap Table without having listed here in advance.

All transactions are private between individuals. AHSP is forwarding information provided by the lister named, and providing a place to meet. The participants are responsible for all aspects of buying and selling.

For Sale on Friday at the Swap Table

For sale:

  • new Proxima 31mm 71-degree field 5-element WF 2″ eyepiece $40
  • used Vivitar 500mm f/8 mirror lens T-mount $30 (has older Minolta T-adapter)
  • new polyester tarp material 48″ wide $0.50/linear foot
  • new Thousand Oaks silver-black solar filter film for eclipse viewing or camera 12″x12″ $15 (~1/2 retail) 
  • 3M red 1.5” litho tape for covering flashlights and other light sources (in cars, etc.) Not suitable for laptop screens. Limited quantities free.
  • simple ‘boat’ sextant $5
  • used digicam-eyepiece adapter $3
  • Becvar Atlas of the Heavens color pages 16×24” $40

Alan Goldberg



  • I am bringing some eclipse goodies for the Swap Table. I bought some extras of eclipse atlases, eclipse pins, eclipse magnets, post cards, and mylar filters at the St. Louis Eclipse Expo. These were for my local club, and they bought a lot of this. I have some goodies left, and would be selling them at the regular (non-eclipse hyped inflated) price

Mike Reynolds



In connection with the Swap Table, I will be bringing at least the following items to the AHSP in the hopes that better homes can be found for them where they will get more use:

  • Meade LX200 f/6.3 with George Dudash’s Autostar/Audiostar conversion (includes finder and softcase).
  • Meade LX200 Standard Field Tripod for LX200
  • Meade ETX90 with Autostar (includes Doskocil case, electric focuser, straight through and RA viewfinders, flexible dew shield, etc.)
  • Meade #883 Deluxe Field Tripod for ETX90
  • Meade 1812A 12v to 18v Converter
  • Kendrick 2083-18 Power Pack (w/ or w/o new battery)

George Pappayliou

I will be bringing the following items:

  • Meade LX90 8″ OTA with UHTC coatings and soft case with padding – $400
  • AstroZap Baader solar filter 8″ – $50
  • 50 MW green laser pointer with safety key – $75
  • Orion Pro Zoom 8-24mm eyepiece – $150
  • Meade Series 4000 f3.3 Focal Reducer – $50
  • Moonlite CSL 2.5 ” Large Format Crayford SCT focuser that fits the LX90 8″ OTA – $350
  • Regular dew shields for the Meade LX90 8″ OTA with velcro – $20
  • Dew shield for the Meade LX90 8″ OTA with velcro and a Kendrick heater strip built in – $30

Kent Allingham

  • Celestron Nexstar 8″ SCT with 25mm eyepiece, 1.25″ visual back, Orion EZ finder, Dewshield, Tripod, 12 volt power cord, and Orion Case.  $400
  • Astro-Tech (AT8IN) 8″ f/4, 7″Universal Dovetail, 2″ Crayford focuser, SCA Laser Collimator, Mirror Cooling fan, Orion Carry Bag.  $200

Dan Ward

For Sale later in the weekend

I will be at AHSP showing some Explore Scientific equipment. The items I will be showing are:

I will have printed catalogs also to hand out to any interested participants. 

  • I will be able to offer a 15% discount on the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and take orders for shipment from our factory direct to your home.

Jerry Hubbell, Director Electrical Engineering

I have a large wheeled case with telescoping handle I’d like to sell/trade this year at AHSP.
The case is large enough to house a CGEM type mount, which as you know is quite heavy.

Ronald Skeans, Jr.


O3 filter wanted 1.25″ 496nm and 501nm lines.

I will not be at the table, will be arriving around 5ish on Saturday. Willing to pay $70.

Aaron Tragle