SKMC and AHSP Maps


Panorama of SKMC (png) – Updated July 13, 2012


AHSP Site Layout Map (pdf) is a schematic showing the observing fields and other AHSP resources at SKMC – Updated 2017

SKMC Layout

TMI – Spruce Knob Mountain Center Layout (jpg)

Approaches to SKMC for AHSP attendees –  An AHSP Map (pdf) that provides details of the road approaches to SKMC emphasizing the road directions up the mountain and into the SKMC site. Print a copy, because you will be losing GPS as you reach this part of the trip.  Very nice work prepared by Ed Takken.

Other external resources on the area

Monongahela National Forest web page – General information on the park attractions and events

Geologic survey – A detailed geologic information and photos of interesting rock formations

Topographical map of the area

Revised May  12, 2017