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AHSP 2018 Registration is LIVE!

All the wait if general registration is over! Please join us at Spruce Knob Mountain Center to partake in the darkest skies on the East Coast from September 7 - 11, 2018.  We will have all the usual events and amazing speaker at our fourteenth AHSP! If you have any questions about the event or [...]

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2018 Registration is almost here!

With winter finally subsiding at Spruce Knob Mountain Center that means that the work and planning for this years Almost Heaven Star Party are well underway! We will have the familiar awesome events that everyone loves with NRAO Tours and Overnight observing back as well this year. I'm sure our speakers will be an outstanding [...]

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Our AHSP 2018 dates are set!

AHSP 2018 dates are set! Please join us September 7 - 11 next year; event registration will go live in Spring of 2018! We had a great event this past year! Please look for more posts like these to inform you of when registration will begin for AHSP 2018. Clear Skies! AHSP Staff

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AHSP 2017 Communications

Here is the consolidated communications emails that went out from this year.  The latest one #4 is at the top. AHSP 2017 Newsletter #4 sent July 12 2017  This is the 4th and final Registrant Newsletter for AHSP 2017. We will see you in a week at SKMC. -- Status AHSP 2017 sold out [...]

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AHSP 2017 is SOLD OUT!

All - We sold out AHSP 2017 on the last day of early registration! If you are registered and would like to add meals, activities or even other members to your existing registrations drop an email to and I will respond.   If you want to come to AHSP 2017 this year I will [...]

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2016 Consolidated Notes

All - Below is a consolidation of the information that we sent to attendees this year.  Some of the information may be removed if it was repeated or updated in later emails. AHSP 2016 Notes #4 for registrants                                                    August 28, 2016 5 days to AHSP2016, and arrangements are looking good. These final notes are to [...]

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AHSP 2016 is Sold Out!

There is just over a week left (June 30th) before the end of the early bird period ($20 dollars off registration) and just like last year we have sold registrations at a faster pace than each year before.  There are still a few slots left so if you are thinking of registering I would do [...]

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Morning after Night Three

So we have made it through the weekend and I believe this was the first time we had 3 straight clear observing nights in a row.  What a gift! Here's a few morning shots for now as I'm sure we will have some imagers processing their work after they get some sleep from staying up [...]

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Great Second Night!

After a great day of events and talks at TMI we saw 50% clouds give way right at night fall and provide us with lighting from the North and the South but far away enough to not matter for observing.  The skies above completely cleared with decent temperatures and low dew to start we were [...]

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