AHSP Registration is almost gone…

If you are thinking of coming to AHSP this year and haven't registered yet you may be missing out here soon as there are just a handful of field and attendee slots left before we are all sold out! AHSP Registration If you are registered already and want to add food, events like Railroad Tour [...]

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AHSP 2018 Registration is LIVE!

All the wait if general registration is over! Please join us at Spruce Knob Mountain Center to partake in the darkest skies on the East Coast from September 7 - 11, 2018.  We will have all the usual events and amazing speaker at our fourteenth AHSP! If you have any questions about the event or [...]

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AHSP 2017 Communications

Here is the consolidated communications emails that went out from info@ahsp.org this year.  The latest one #4 is at the top. AHSP 2017 Newsletter #4 sent July 12 2017  This is the 4th and final Registrant Newsletter for AHSP 2017. We will see you in a week at SKMC. -- Status AHSP 2017 sold out [...]

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Attendee Conference Call July 18th! 7pm EST

Attendee Conference Call July 18th! 7pm EST There will be a Q&A conference call on 18 July at 7pm for attendees of this years AHSP so that you can ask your questions and listen to what concerns others. The conference line is (323) 920-0091 with pin “1024009” Best, AHSP Staff

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AHSP 2017 is SOLD OUT!

All - We sold out AHSP 2017 on the last day of early registration! If you are registered and would like to add meals, activities or even other members to your existing registrations drop an email to info@ahsp.org and I will respond.   If you want to come to AHSP 2017 this year I will [...]

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AHSP Emergency Plan

Safety first! We are all going to AHSP with fun and amazing observing in mind but we just want you all to know that we try to be as prepared as possible to take care of any emergency that is likely to occur during the event.  Linked below is the latest copy of the AHSP [...]

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Site Map and Aerial View

Here are the latest 2016 Site Map and overhead aerial views we have done up for AHSP.  Enjoy them and leave comments below if you have questions on the layout or where something might be located. TMI Yurt, Dorms and Shower/Restroom area drawing - NEW! Updated August 26, 2016 AHSP Site Map (pdf) - Updated February 12, 2016 [...]

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