AHSP 2016 is now Sold Out!

AHSP 2016 is Sold Out!

There is just over a week left (June 30th) before the end of the early bird period ($20 dollars off registration) and just like last year we have sold registrations at a faster pace than [...]

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Spring Cleaning

We at NOVAC are working behind the scenes to prepare for AHSP 2016.  The content from last year is being removed or changed as needed in preparation and the registration should start in the first [...]

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AHSP Emergency Plan

Safety first! We are all going to AHSP with fun and amazing observing in mind but we just want you all to know that we try to be as prepared as possible to take care [...]

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Site Map and Aerial View

Here are the latest 2016 Site Map and overhead aerial views we have done up for AHSP.  Enjoy them and leave comments below if you have questions on the layout or where something might be [...]

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